So Long Prink and Preen,

Hello Dahlia Home Co.!

Katrina Johnson Prink and Preen

Prink and Preen Design was a dream of mine for the last five years. I have stayed up countless nights, trying to rifle through all of my ideas for this tiny business made up of me. Every time I thought I had “The Ultimate Plan” to make Prink and Preen rise, Motherhood came in, overtook said plan and tore it into shreds.

I now understand why.

The dreams, the ambition, and the drive are all still there. I just now have a narrowed focus on what is important and how I will use my skills to reach my dreams.

I introduce to you DAHLIAHOMECO.COM

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I hope you will stay with me as I transition my efforts into this new endeavor. As a token of my appreciation, use FAREWELL2019 to take 35% off of your cart at Dahlia Home Co.


Katrina Johnson