Can anyone tell me how we got to the end of February so fast? I blinked and a month has gone by. It could be that this household has been dealing with a ruthless cold for the last 3 weeks and my brain has blocked that time out, too. Even though this merciless cold took up much of my time in the last month, I did squeeze in some time to complete one of my favorite projects so far.

Last year I met a lovely family who purchased their first home in Chino Hills and the couple wanted help making the entire house feel cohesive and contemporary. During the last six months, I helped them pick out flooring and paint colors, provided them with furniture selections and layouts that are family-friendly, and updated the look of the kitchen to feel clean and bright.

Today I will share with you my two favorite spaces in the house: the formal (adult) living room and the family living room. As a mom of two little ones myself, I know that function and durability are the highest on the requirement list when decorating a home. I made sure to select items that are easy to clean and mask stains in this home.

The formal living room is the first room you walk into when entering the home. This space is designated for the adults to relax and feel like toys aren’t taking over their lives. Note there is no tv or toy storage in this room. We set the sofas to face each other to encourage conversation as I imagined this place being used when the kids have gone to bed and it’s time to bring out the wine. The color palette for this room is tranquil and neutral. My main goal was to ensure this room had a sense of peace. I chose the leather couches because they make it easy to wipe off crumbs. I selected the tufted ottoman to soften up the look of the room as well as to protect the little ones in case they are playing tag in the house.

The family room is where the family spends the most time as it is part of the great room in the house. We updated the paint, added can lights and put in new flooring. The navy blue velvet sectional is my favorite piece in this room. It’s so soft and comfy and provides enough ample space to enjoy family movie night comfortably. The coffee table has a concrete top and weathered-wood base so that the kids could draw, eat, play on it without having to worry if it’s being abused. In both of the rooms I selected the rugs as the source of pattern for the room. Ideally, the style of the home will be relevant through the years. If there is ever a need to change things up a bit, the accessories will be where those changes are made.

These were the only two rooms I got to photograph as our four little ones got anxious and told us it was time to be done. I’ll have pictures of the kitchen, dining room and toy room next as well as provide all the finishes information for the home.

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