This family update has been a long time coming.
Life for us is usually all over the place and sometimes it seems as though we like to complicate our lives. Moving for us is normal. Paul and I have lived in 6 homes over the 5 1/2 years we have been married. We moved because of job transfers, hating the area we live in, and just trying to find “home.” I really like the city we live in now. It is quintessential suburban town where your neighbors are nice, the schools are great, and everyone seems to know one another. We decided about a year ago that we were going to buy this summer. Well, our lease ended for the home we were renting in November and the landlords didn’t want to renew because they wanted to use the condo for family. So we begrudgingly moved again.
Even though it was a costly move (all moves are costly), I didn’t want it to delay our home purchase. Over the last 5-6 months, Paul and I have spent every waking hour house hunting. Weekends were soaked up with open houses and driving all over multiple cities just to find a decent home in our price point. We put in about a dozen offers and one finally stuck!
The price we pay to rent a home and to buy a home is essentially the same. I no longer wanted to be subjected to landlords’ whims and restrictions. I took out all my money out of my 401k (goodbye retirement money!) and used that as our down payment.
We put in offers for shamble homes and dream homes; this home is somewhere in the middle. It’s got good bones, and is in the area we wanted to stay in. My daughter will still be enrolled in her school and I will work to keep her there for the duration of elementary.
I will be showing the progress of the home on this website in hopes that you will be inspired to make some home renovations when the time comes. I am open to ideas of what I should post, so make sure to let me know.
The bathrooms, paint and flooring are the first things we need to update before we move in. To suit our family of four, we are going to the only tub/shower combo into a shower only. I haven’t bathed the kids in a tub for about 5 months now so we don’t have a need for one. I want to maximize the space of our small master bath and a tile shower with a frameless shower door will be perfect for that job. Here are some inspiration pictures for what I want to do:

Johnson Master Bath Inspiration