The countdown for the move has begun! I am putting stuff up for sale and working on some projects for the new home at the same time. We tackled the first major project this weekend. Siena and Vivi have had their own homes this entire time, but Siena recently has expressed that she doesn’t want to sleep alone anymore. We decided for the new home, they will share a room. A bunk bed was the only option because our new house is pretty cozy (aka small). Vivi isn’t yet 2 years old, so I wanted to make sure the bunk bed was as low as possible.

Toddler Room-1

Here is a “before” picture.  Siena has had this bed since she was 2 years old.  I will still use the fluffy ball in the new room because I made it before Siena was born and I spent a lot of hours hot gluing those coffee filters to that paper lantern!

We had the kids go to their grandparents house. I am not a fan of little ones running around with big and enticing power tools strewn about. Here is what we purchased at Home Depot:

Materials List:

3 – 1″x12″x8′

3 – 1″x10″x8′

22 – 1″x4″x8′

Weathered Gray Stain

Danish Oil

#8×1 1/4″ bugle head screws

wood glue

miter saw

table saw

cordless drill driver


I know that the middle part ( you know, all the cuts, drilling and gluing) is the most important part but the day was hot and my camera was charging and I just wanted to be out of the heat. So here is a picture of the two finished parts of the bed. I did two coats of the stain so that only a little bit of the grain came through. I realized after, though, that the stain was darker than I had planned. I wanted light and airy, but it came out a true gray.
FullSizeRender 4

If you really want all the cut sizes, email me and I will get them to you. 🙂

We let the pieces dry over night, but they are technically dry after one hour. The smell is pretty powerful when it is completed, so I do recommend letting it sit outside for a night. We set up the bedroom the next day. At the last minute, I decided to stain the ladder with some leftover Danish Oil. I am so happy with the result. I like the contrast of the natural wood color with the gray stain.




We ordered a twin memory foam mattress from Amazon for the top bunk, and that will be coming in by tomorrow. I used Siena’s current bedding for now, but I plan to update that when me move to the new house. I am getting my hands on some awesome fabric and I am going to make their sheets out of it. More on that later…


We picked up the girls Sunday afternoon. I let them walk in on their surprise instead of telling them beforehand. The dynamic duo were so excited for their new bed setup.  Now here’s to hoping that they will sleep with each other from now on! I doubt it since Vivi hasn’t figured out sleeping through a whole night but a girl can dream.

DIY Bunk Bed

FullSizeRender 2




Here is a video of the bunk bed setup. I attempted to make the furniture building a little more exciting with a video.

I hope you like the end product. I want to be as transparent as possible as we continue to prepare for our move to our first purchased home. What you would like to see on the blog in the upcoming weeks?